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The ECO D&M brand introduces you to new certified ecological concrete leads for sport and recreational fishing.

Sinker Paste is specially designed in an aerodynamic shape to achieve maximum range when casting the assembly from shore. After demanding testing and development, we have completed the fact that, despite the larger volume, we have been able to replace classic lead and Sinker Pasta has the same functions and efficiency for demanding anglers during extremely long casts beyond 100m. Sinker Pasta offers unrivaled precision when casting on the exact fishing spot.

Another advantage of Sinker Paste is its very function of filling this load with fishing paste, dough or other food intended for this purpose. Each product contains 100% absorbency of the load, where it is possible to use this element in the presence of a dip, booster and other liquid to make the place more attractive and to keep the aroma at the feeding place.

Each weight contains a universal swivel in size, which easily fits all types of clips known to modern carp anglers.

The weight contains a 7-component iron-concrete mixture, which is non-toxic, eco-friendly and meets environmental regulations. All types of weights are magnetic, so they can be easily pulled out and fished out of the waterbed and reused, making them even more valuable and highly sustainable towards the natural environment.

Weights are designed to meet market requirements and conditions.

Think Green - Fish Green.

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