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MASTODONT BAITS BOILIES - We do it differently!

Our vision is to provide an unrivaled and different range of fishing baits and lures that will guarantee the success and unique experience of every fisherman, without unnecessarily damaging nature. Mastodont Baits boilies are Czech-made boilies made by Czech fishermen. Boilies are made from quality ingredients and tested by Mastodont Baits testers and friendly fishermen before being released for sale. Each row of boilies is built from a unique mixture, which we make from the ground up ourselves.

Our boilies are characterized by a high proportion of proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, enzymes and more, which is clear at first glance on the boilies. Another thing that you will notice at first glance is the unique coarse or hairy structure of boilies, which guarantees maximum release of attractors into the water and irregular shapes. The shapes of the boilies are determined by the stiffness of the dough roughness. Our boilies cannot be produced on classic large-scale production lines, so with us you can be sure that each product passes through our hand and is in a way original, because is naturally absolutely perfectly rounded.

Mastodont boilies do not contain non-thermally processed bulk raw materials, food gum and other non-standard binders. Because these ingredients leave a taste, they make the boilies indigestible to fish, which in many cases is very dangerous for carp, grass carp and tench.

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