Chill banana in Palava

In the second half of September, my partner Honza and I made my longest trip to Pálava Lakes this year, specifically on Dyje 5. The plan was to catch and stay on the boat for 5 days, which was successful thanks to the good weather. I wanted to perform the last test of the upcoming new Chill Banana for 2020, so I packed the largest amount of about 10 kg with this boili. We chose a place for hunting almost in the middle of the lake, where the bottom was flat and muddy. After feeding and throwing the assemblies about 60 meters from the ship, nothing happened on the first day, but I expected that at this point. The next day I managed to beat several smaller fish around 10 kg, so I enlarged the "bite" and I put two boilies 2 x 24 mm under the hook and I increased the distance from the hook. The next morning around 9:00 am I get a slow long ride on the left rod, when after the jam it is clear that at the end there will be no "teenager". After about ten minutes of fierce fighting, when the fish tried to get under the anchored boat, I picked up a huge scale. This is an old carp with a huge head, weighing 22.5 kg. This is my biggest fish from this water this year, just great. After photographing this carp with caution, it is a great trophy fish. After another throw-in and light feeding of places, nothing happens that day, not even the day after, when we decided to change places after a meeting with Honza. We drove closer to the shore to the corner of the lake, where there are a lot of vases, stones, clams, but the fish stick to it. This time we placed the rods about 40 - 50 meters from the boat so that we could better fight the fish and not lose them in ties. On the first day in a new place, I managed to defeat only three smaller carp up to 10 kg, but on the penultimate day of the expedition it started. From one o'clock in the afternoon, the fish seemed to have a fit of gluttony and I received one shot after another, it was always fish from 15 -17 kg, which was fantastic. The carp sucked two 24 mm "balls" with confidence. I had a huge number of shots, I "cut" a few fish not far from the boat due to very strong fighting, because I wanted to prevent them from being caught in ties and the subsequent cutting of the assembly by nightingales, of which there are a huge number in these places. The upcoming novelty for next season again showed its quality.
The end of the expedition was fantastic, as well as its beginning, when I conquered my heaviest fish from the union water this year. I will return to the lakes soon. I wish everyone a wonderful experience by the water, as I had.
For the Mastodont team
Radim Hanák