New personal record 20kg carp

Hi Mastodon,


I have decided to go to the water for a while. Already in the morning, about two hours before the hunt, I pre-fed about 0,5kg of Berry Boom
and Scopex-Coconut. A strong wind was blowing, making feeding a little more difficult. I prepared rods and put a Pineapple float on one of them
in 16 mm and on the second Mango float in 16 mm.
I added PVA to both assemblies.
About two minutes after the first rod is thrown, a slow, cautious shot arrives. After a very long fight, I'm picking up enourmous carp. After weighing, the weight shows exactly 20 kg! It is also my personal record. Later, after about two hours, I pull out another large carp, which measured 95 cm and weighed 15 kg! A few minutes later, I managed to catch another carp, which was no longer of such dimensions.


For MB Junior team Ondra Macicek