Short expedition on "Berounka"

Greetings to everyone.

The first weekend of March we went fishing with my colleague Jan Filip. The choice of the location was clear. It was a public bank about 3 ha. The weather was beautiful and it was like racing on the lake, there was nowhere to sit. We have 2 options left. Return home or head to the Berounka River. The choice was clear, the river Berounka. When arriving to the river, we could see a higher water level from a distance, the level was 15 cm above normal, but this did not discouraged us and we threw in.

After about 1.5 hours, Honza had a slow ride on the Chill banana with a mango pop-up, after lifting the rod, it was clear that it was not a small fish. It was a carp that kept up the stream. The fight lasted about 10 minutes and a beautiful 16 kg of carp looked ashore.

Mastodont Baits Team CZ

Radek Kůsa and Jan Filip.