Chill banana in cold water

I had no idea how successful the boilie Chill banana would be in cold water, but I firmly hoped for its quality, so I set it under the hook on one of the rods on my last short two-night expedition in early November. I put a boili Berry boom on the second rod, which this year brought me, among other beautiful fish, one beautiful carp over 22 kg. I visited one of the public banks that I have in the vicinity of my residence, where I did not expect almost any pressure, because it was after the weekend, which is a very good time for fishing, because the water is calm. I threw the assemblies not far from the shore to a depth of about 2 meters, for each assembly I fed about 15 balls and waited for what would happen. Overall, the water seemed lifeless, apparently the previous cold weather sowed down fish a bit in their activity, so I did not feed more and waited for the bite to come at all. Nothing happend during the first evening, calm everywhere, the fish almost hadn't showed , after pulling out the assemblies, the boili was intact, which was not a good finding. The second morning I threw the assemblies again in the same places where I assumed that the fish could be, about an hour after the cast I get a light grip on the right rod, the swinger slightly "stuck" to the rod, then went down a bit and was again at the rod, I didn't expect anything and fell asleep slightly. Immediately after the beep sound, the fish went to my shore to the right, as if to entangle itself in the roots and ties that were along the shore. It was clear to me that it would be a heavy fish, as it could not be "peeled off" from the bottom. You could see the fish trying to get under the hollowed shore, which I did not allow, and after a few minutes I finally saw it. The body of a huge scale rolled to the surface, I prayed that the fish would stay on the hook for a while before I could pick it up. After a few lunges, the carp was in the landing net, I saw its huge body in the mat on the shore. The weight showed 20.10 kg, but I will not describe the joy I felt. It was a beautifull scale without the slightest damage, the fish was probably never on the hook, but very beautiful. I started taking pictures of the fish with the help of a self-timer, which is not perfect, when suddenly the other rod bends in it, the brake of the reel howls. I immediately jump in and take it in my hand, but the fish heads for it to the left, where there is a sunken tree about 20 meters along the shore. I did what I could, the brake on the blood, but the fish was of a different opinion and uncompromisingly ran among the branches of the tree and cut off my string of nightingales with which the tree was sown underwater. Unfortunately, I was not so lucky that I could beat another huge carp, this time carp won. Nothing happened until the evening and the next day, the water was lifeless again, I didn't get a bite. Even so, I left extremely satisfied, the new boili brought me a beautiful fish again.For the Mastodont baits team Radim Hanák