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Mastodont Baits Boilie Worms neutral we. 300g 20mm

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Worms 20mm HNV boilies are completely unique in their composition and structure. This neutral bait is suitable for all types of water, almost all year round, from spring to autumn. It is suitable for feeding campaigns, where it attracts all carp in the area. Neutrally balanced boilies Worms are firmer, non-crumbling and with a finer structure so that it can wait even longer for the largest carp. The best HNV boilies to break a personal record in catch size.

These HNV boilies contain 75% animal proteins, extracts from sea animals, a mixture of spicy spices and first-class English essences, of which the patent dominates. The unique structure of the mixture is literally an illusion for carp, when they consider the bait by touching their beards and eyes as a cluster of snaps or heddles, which is a completely natural food for them. Join our revolution in animal boilies.

Product Length: 20.0000 cm
Product Width: 10.0000 cm
Product Height: 25.0000 cm
Product Weight: 300.0000 g
Product Packaging: 1.0000 kg
Units in box: 1
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