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Mastodont Baits Method mix Bloody spice fish 3kg

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Method mix  Bloody spice fish is a loose mixture of ground beetles, bird's eye, pellets, fish meal, milk proteins, spices and binders designed to quickly bite carp using method lead or feeder. Unlike the normal  mix, the method mix contains various raw materials that do not attract the fish and have a higher protein content and help you to select catches. Raw material creates an attractive carpet in the bottom of the bottom, the particles of which then rise into the water column and thus attract the fish to the bottom to your lure. The method mix is especially used for racing, catching on cast, and if you want to accelerate shots while hunting. For better attractiveness, we recommend mixing the dip mix in the flavor of your bait and then diluting it with water.




Product Length: 30.0000 cm
Product Width: 20.0000 cm
Product Height: 15.0000 cm
Product Weight: 3.0000 kg
Product Packaging: 1.0000 kg
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