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Boilies Mastodont Baits AK-cko 1kg 20 mm

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AK-cko 20mm, boilies, which surprised us several times during testing with an incredibly fast effect, cadence of shots and amazing moments when all the rods ran on the shore in a few seconds at once. The composition of this bait is perfect for all types of water. It is attractive for carp even during the colder months. Very successful and powerful shot from Mastodont Baits.

Unusual hairy structure, salty, fruity, hot taste, a balanced ratio of fish meal and animal extracts with plenty of carbohydrates, complemented by a combination of two flavors and two essential oils. All these first-class raw materials and properties have made this ball a complete bomb for every season and for all types of water.

Product Length: 21.0000 cm
Product Width: 12.0000 cm
Product Height: 13.0000 cm
Product Weight: 1.2000 kg
Product Packaging: 1.0000 kg
Units in box: 1
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