Mastodont Baits

    • Fishing is most of all fun for us, and there is no better feeling than holding a trophy fish caught with your own bait. This was one of the main motives for the initial experiments with the production of boilies, which date back to 2000. Over time, with gained experience and success, the Fishing Team MastoDont was founded in Pilsen in 2011, along with a website and blog, where together with you we can share our successes and experiences from the water under this brand, which is not associated just with carp. Over the next four years, which were absolutely amazing for catching, interest continued to grow in our baits, which were being used by not only us but also other friendly fishermen from across the country. 
  • This broader testing of baits created a very comprehensive range of boilies that does not disappoint on any water. This crystallized into a group of hardcorefishing fanatics, who in 2015 decided to go a step further and establish professional production and offer you products under the brand name MastoDont Baits through our e-shop and in retail stores, because we know that not all fishermen have enough time, desire and experience to producetheir own bait.

We believe that our baits and lures will help you achieve the same success and experience we have had with them!